The Southern Ballroom

How many people does the Southern Ballroom hold?

The Southern Ballroom is perfect for special events where celebrating and joy are priority. 

We hold from 50 guests right up to 130 including dance floor.


Can we bring our own entertainment?

We allow party organisers to bring all sorts of entertainers, from Djs and  Bands, right up to Elvis performers. If you need a recommendation, please let us know and we will get some phone numbers for you. 

How many people sit on each table?

We have tables that seat from 8 guests right up to 12 people. Please let us know if you need long trestle tables. 

Can I bring my own cake or candy buffet?

All our customers have different cake requirements. Please speak with us about tables required for cake and candy buffet. If you need a recommendation please let us know and we will point you in the right direction 

 Is there room for a jumping Castle?

We have had assorted attractions such as jumping castles. Please come in and speak with us and actually

configure the size of the room in person.