Forget the small stuff, you have an event to get to


No matter how experienced I get at holding events, I find that when it’s my turn to hold an event , I get just as nervous and anxious as a person that is about to hold their first party.


We had a marquee up for my daughters 18th birthday.


Let’s just say that the weather was anything but perfect.


We were all counting down the weather leading up to the night. At first, the weather was 20 degrees and looked ok. As we got closer to the day, the forecast changed from fine to stormy.


So, on the afternoon of the event, all of the arrangements had come to the point of no return. Everything except for guests arrival was ready, from the erection of the marquee to the catering ,even  the background sound system. All was almost perfect.


Then the storm happens and the weather starts to get angry at us and rain is everywhere. 


Do you think that this means everything is a disaster? 


We all looked at one another and paused for a moment. We had reached the point of no return and we all committed that no matter what the sky threw at us next, we would take a deep breath and step back and remember the reason we were celebrating in the first place.


This is my real message here.


 No matter what happens on the way or during an event, stay focused and remember why you decided to have a party in the first place. Life is too short and fun family memories are so precious.  Stay on track and jump in to the event and stay focussed and celebrate the party no matter what.

 Mishaps and challenges are always knocking on our doors. Take the risk and decide to celebrate and enjoy the event no matter what happens outside our control. 


Oh and yes by the way, the weather at my daughter’s birthday calmed down and blew over. We had an awesome night, full of fun music and food. We kept each other warm and laughing all night.


Stay focussed and party as much as you can


Thank you for reading


bruno condello