The Big Day

The big day

The anticipation sometimes gets the better of our mental space and when planning an event it is so easy to loose track of the important stuff. 

Family is made up of old and young and all kinds of different relatives and friends. People coming together, isn’t just about getting a selfie with everyone just for the sake of it. It’s not even about making sure everyone has their gastronomic meals ticked off the box either. 

Having a special event is about acknowledging this moment in time and who we are at the time we are celebrating. Actually engaging in family and taking the time out to speak and engage with people you have grown up with and people that are actually in your life. These people in both an indirect and direct way, make us who we are. 

At the end of the day who we are , and where we want to go in my opinion is totally  worth celebrating. 

Thank you for reading my take and point of view on a key element of making celebrations important. 

I thought i’d share something a little different for this hump part of year ?



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