Firenze pasta toolbox

Each pasta box is a flavour packed cooks tool kit with our most popular items

Each box comes with

1 x  500 gm pack penne

1 x 500 gm spaghetti

1 x 500 gm pack Southern Italian style fusilli

1 x 1kilo slow cooked sugo Napoli

1 x 1 kilo slow cooked sugo Bolognese

1 x grated cheese Local

$90 delivered to your door

cooking instructions

All you need to do is

1. boil up water with salt,

2.heat our sauce in separate pot

3. add our dry durum pasta to boiling water  and cook till al-dente.

4. add pasta to the hot sauce

5. serve to someone you love

6. keep the left overs for an amazing lunch

(unlikely there will be any left over)