Our Team


Our vision is to become one of the best, most user friendly event venues in Melbourne. Lots of hard work goes into making every event a success.

Meet some of our key team that put all the pieces together in making every event special.


Pina Condello

Pina Condello Started Firenze in 1987. Wanting to offer the northern suburbs a reception centre with a difference. A place where people can feel at home and make their party just the way they wanted. 

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Rita Speziale

Rita has been involved in the event business since the 80's. From all aspects of event management to creating decor and themes that have made the seemingly impossible a reality and success.

Rita's experience is second to none in making client's events a success.Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 2.11.41 pm

Bruno Condello

In the hospitality industry since the 90's, with experience ranging from corporate functions to major Melbourne events. Bruno is passionate about celebrations and giving people all the tools that make celebrating life and special events possible

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Ronnie and Warwick

Two of the most passionate members of the team.

Ronnie has been managing the front of house since 2013. He has brought a fresh approach and ensures that all client requests get executed. Ronnie is always looking for ways that we can enhance the customer experience.

ronnie and waz

Warwick has been the most  awesome Chef for most of his working career. Specialising in Mediterranean, but his skills are vast in Asian and all aspects of modern cuisine. Warwick's passion is about how can we do more for clients and how can we make each event, just better. He is focussed on success and takes it to another level to ensure that the clients success is priority .    

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