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Forget the small stuff, you have an event to get to


No matter how experienced I get at holding events, I find that when it’s my turn to hold an event , I get just as nervous and anxious as a person that is about to hold their first party.


We had a marquee up for my daughters 18th birthday.


Let’s just say that the weather was anything but perfect.


We were all counting down the weather leading up to the night. At first, the weather was 20 degrees and looked ok. As we got closer to the day, the forecast changed from fine to stormy.


So, on the afternoon of the event, all of the arrangements had come to the point of no return. Everything except for guests arrival was ready, from the erection of the marquee to the catering ,even  the background sound system. All was almost perfect.


Then the storm happens and the weather starts to get angry at us and rain is everywhere.  


Do you think that this means everything is a disaster?  


We all looked at one another and paused for a moment. We had reached the point of no return and we all committed that no matter what the sky threw at us next, we would take a deep breath and step back and remember the reason we were celebrating in the first place.


This is my real message here.


 No matter what happens on the way or during an event, stay focused and remember why you decided to have a party in the first place. Life is too short and fun family memories are so precious.  Stay on track and jump in to the event and stay focussed and celebrate the party no matter what.

 Mishaps and challenges are always knocking on our doors. Take the risk and decide to celebrate and enjoy the event no matter what happens outside our control.  


Oh and yes by the way, the weather at my daughter’s birthday calmed down and blew over. We had an awesome night, full of fun music and food. We kept each other warm and laughing all night.


Stay focussed and party as much as you can


Thank you for reading


bruno condello

October 2017



Lasagna is more than just a pasta dish

We wanted to provide some information on our Melbourne Event Blog and decided to focus on this pre busy period on our lasagna. 

So everyone has a memory of the first time they put a yummy piece of lasagne in their lips and just thought – WOW !! What more do I need !!

We supply Melbourne these days with lasagna via clubs, corporate events and thousands of home parties.

Let lasagne be your problem solver for the rest of the year.


Has someone invited you over to a family event and you don’t know what to bring?


Does work need a no fuss lunch that can’t involve preparation or clean up?


Our lasagna is a problem solver for thousands of people.


Simply contact us and let us know how many you need and when you need it for.


Organising an event feed is as easy as that.


Don’t worry if you have dietary requirements, as we can custom make all kinds of lasagne to your specific needs.


Thanks for reading


Bruno Condello



June 2017

The big day

The anticipation sometimes gets the better of our mental space and when planning an event it is so easy to loose track of the important stuff. 

Family is made up of old and young and all kinds of different relatives and friends. People coming together, isn’t just about getting a selfie with everyone just for the sake of it. It’s not even about making sure everyone has their gastronomic meals ticked off the box either. 

Having a special event is about acknowledging this moment in time and who we are at the time we are celebrating. Actually engaging in family and taking the time out to speak and engage with people you have grown up with and people that are actually in your life. These people in both an indirect and direct way, make us who we are. 

At the end of the day who we are , and where we want to go in my opinion is totally  worth celebrating. 

Thank you for reading my take and point of view on a key element of making celebrations important. 

I thought i’d share something a little different for this hump part of year 🙂



April 2017 

Building an Event team

We recommend gathering a team together to tackle the tasks of making a concept of a get together into a successful real life event. 
 Download our event checklist on our Event Hub page. Get your ideas and needs on paper and start recruiting your team. 
You  need a person to look after entertainment. Someone needs to sort out decor and items like flowers and table centres. Speak  with us about your concepts and what your requirements are for this special event . We can show you how to maximise budget and get the best experience for all your guests in the most efficient way. 
Think of us and suppliers that you have chosen as your team that you have recruited to make complex event projects into a fun experience all round, from day one .  We will make sure all the team is on the same page and working with your vision as priority.
Allow us to point you in the right direction to tackle all the event tasks with success. 
Speak to us and let us know how we can help you to build and event team. 
Thank you 

Feb 22 2017

Having a party in Melbourne at home and thinking of party supplies

We have helped people to organise events and parties at home since 1987 and one of the most asked questions is – Where is a good place we can grab party supplies?

We have found that most customers end up doing multiple shopping sprees and then ending up running out at the last minute to top up on napkins, plates and other supplies mostly due to the fear of not having enough.

Some even end up so disorganised that they end up at the mercy of the first 2 dollar shop that is open on party day.

I’m here to tell you that when organising a party at home, the planning of the table ware and party supplies is just as important as choosing the menu and entertainment.

Think about 10 pm and the cake comes out and there is no forks for the cake or cups to drink the coffee and tea out of. While it’s not the end of the world, it can become a stress that can stop you from enjoying the event

So we recommend planning out the party supplies early. Maybe you can ask yourself some of the following questions

At this stage I am assuming that you know how many people are attending the event.

Have you got enough tables and chairs?
How are you going to cover the tables and chairs?
How many food items are you planning on serving and have you counted up enough cutlery for each course ?
(Some people even look for small plates for finger food)
Keep at least 2 napkins per person in stand by
Have you got bins in multiple locations and the garbage bags that fit?
If you are serving drinks are you going to be needing straws or cocktails glasses?
Where are the ice buckets going to be?
Have you got enough bottle openers on stand by as well ?

To be honest, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Open up an IPad or use a good old fashioned piece of paper and start the list.

There’s heaps of party suppliers around Melbourne. Our customers rave about the selection at Lombards.
A hidden gem that just moved premises is a company called G&F Wrapping. They have opened up a mega warehouse of party supplies in Reservoir.

Having a party at home should be a fun experience from planning the event right up to enjoying the food and music.

Please contact us if you need any advice or want to discuss any aspect of having an event.

15th February 2017 

Napkins & Tableware

So now we have all lived through valentines day and just forget about whether you are happy or sad about what you received ( or gave ) for now.

When you went to the restaurant for the special dinner, did you have a look at how the restaurant arranged the napkins?

In the 80’s we use to have teams of waiters making ornate fans and bishop hat napkins that use to take hours.  Let’s just say that the ballroom looked like it had tables full of colour and frills and to be honest, it suited the times. ( make of that comment what you will !!)

You either loved them or you hated them.

Times have moved on and now things seem to have gone to a more simple style. Let’s just say that I do prefer the modern look, however there is more to it.The reality is that the modern way is aimed at a higher level of quality. We are now providing every function with fresh starched linen napkins. Most people have told us that they prefer to use linen napkins over paper. We have all had the experience of paper napkins ripping while we are getting rid of excess food stuffs from all over the place.


So what do you think is best? Do you prefer the way things are going? Table decorations and tableware in general is gaining quality and getting less fussed.

Most of our customers choose to order linen that reflects the colour of the theme that they are  planning for. Think about fish bowls with mirrors on top of dark textured linen with napkins to match. Pretty much as far as event décor goes,  this is just the start of things to come. 

To be honest, I love everything about the way events of the future will be. For me, It seems that special events will be more about reflecting the visions, our loves and what we are all about and less about trying to impress keep up or compete with the Joneses 🙂


Thank you for reading




February 2017 


Welcome to our late first blog post for  2017. 

So what are the lessons that we learned last year? Have you started on the New Years Resolutions yet?


What ever stage of development that you are up to at the moment, keep in mind that it’s all the small moments in life that make everything all worth it. 

People hold events and parties for all sorts of reasons, but it’s the small moments that everyone remembers. The photos with grandparents and eating at the table with family. You can actually smell all the aromas from the family dinners over the years if you let your mind take you back. 

We are at your service to help the moments actually happen. Allow us to help you with advice on how to organise events, from how to arrange a guest list to selecting menus. 

I will be back with some easy to prepare event menu items and table centres throughout the next few weeks. 

Welcome to our Firenze Blog

Oct 2016 

Event success and brain storming

So you have made the decision to have a party and you have all the ideas flying around in your mind and you are thinking – ‘ I’m going to have a blast and I am super ready for a party with my friends and family’ 

Show me the menu and give me a DJ this night is going to be amazing !!! WOOOOT 

But STOP  everything !!!


In order for this night to become the best night that it can possibly be, take a step back and just quickly do a mini brainstorm whether it be on your smart phone or a good ol fashioned piece of paper. 

Work out what you want and who out of your family and friends can help you. When you have some kind of an idea of where your party is heading, go on google and work out a goal sheet of  tasks that need doing. 

Example – 

1 Guest list

2 Entertainment

3 Cake

4 What am I going to eat

5 What are my favourite decorations

and so on etc etc

This small step before doing to ring around for quotes makes all the difference. It almost gives you a road map to success when planning a party. 

Need help with some ideas? 

Give us a call and we can shed some light on where to start . 

Thank you for reading 

Bruno Condello





Trying to organise an event and you feel like

you are out of time ?

September 2016

Don’t worry, this is normal. 

A lot goes into planning for a dinner for four people, so the task of organising an event is no small project to be undertaking. 

We tell everyone when they make first contact with us a few quick tips that make all the difference. The easiest way to organise a party or get together is to break the big tasks down into a list of smaller jobs. 

Say for example, the entertainment for the party can be broken down into the following steps. 

1 google and ask friends for Entertainment names. 

2 get quotes and feedback for entertainment concepts

3 short list the best value ( not the cheapest )

4 book the entertainer and lock in with agreement and deposit 

5 have meeting ( in person or via email – ) cover objectives and start time and finish time and specific requests

6 meet and greet with entertainer on day of event 

7 make sure everyone involved has executed the roles and jobs that was required


This is an overly simplified version of one job involved in organising a band or DJ. 

One of my favourite tools that I use is an app called Evernote. 

It enables me to make workbooks for all jobs and objectives that we share amongst all the team involved with all parts of our reception business.  We write up work books for each task and then sub divide each role in a different note. 

The basic version is free and is one of the best tools around. 


Have you been to our shop?

Table centre pieces and function decorations

It’s always special when the host has gone out of their way to decorate the tables for their guests in relation to theme and ambience of the party. Table  centrepieces can be
simple or elaborate depending on the occasion.
The first decision to make is How much do you want to spend on centre pieces?  Can you or your guests take home the centre pieces after the function or are they to last only for the night .
Flowers give colour and can be taken home, to last through the week. As a florist I have many times created lovely arrangements on stands or sold long stem tropical flowers to clients to arrange themselves in tall glass vases.
Balloons and candles are cost effective and can be arranged in many ways. but most likely are only good to last the night. Candy centrepieces or boxed creations can also add to the specialty  of a table centrepiece.
Themes are usually interpreted by colours when is comes to function decor
And it reflects the likes of the person celebrating. Chair covers with coloured sashes, as well as matching table centres are also reflective of themes.
Choose  your centrepieces so that guest visibility is not obstructed and that there is room for the food on the table.
Table centre pieces go as far back as the Romans whereby they used lovely green foliage which span the length of the table . Today we still adorn our celebrations with colours, items and themes that reflect our passions, with the intend to leave our guests a memory of the special day.


Rita Speziale

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 12.44.40 am

Is it Lasagna, your way or the highway? 


Everyone that has grown up in an Italian family has childhood memories of waiting for the lasanga to come out of the oven.Beautifully layered pasta with their families home cooked sauce and cheese. Some home chefs (Italian mums and dads) would place peas and meatballs while others prided themselves for the simplicity of the pasta and the slow cooked sauce.

So what is the perfect lasagna ?

The truth is that the perfect lasagna is the one that once you eat it, it takes you to all the childhood memories and flavours that take you away for that spit second. It’s the one that makes you want more once you have finished the last piece.

So over the years, after speaking to  experts  about how they make their perfect lasagna, we have come up with a lasanga that our customers just can’t get enough of.  We are super proud of our lasagna and have made a pledge to keep the process of improvement going.

Here are some web facts about lasagna that we have found.

According to some historians –

Lasagne originated in Italy, traditionally ascribed to the city of Naples (Campania), where the first modern recipe was created in the Middle Ages and published in Liber de Coquina (The Book of Cookery), and became a traditional dish.[2] Traditional lasagne is made by interleaving layers of pasta with layers of sauce, made with ragù, bechamel, Parmigiano-Reggiano and chopped hard boiled eggs.[citation needed] In other regions and outside of Italy it is common to find lasagne made with ricotta or mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, various meats (e.g., ground beef, pork or chicken), miscellaneous vegetables (e.g., spinach, zucchini, mushrooms) and typically flavored with wine, garlic, onion, and oregano. In all cases the lasagne are oven-baked.

( source – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lasagne)


So what is your favourite style of lasagne?


Massimo Bottura who runs one of the best restaurants in Italy has made a dish that looks like a wafer of cheese and is what his take on lasagne is. It has the flavour of the burnt edges from the pasta off the  lasagne tray.

Other people say that just the smell of lasagne cooking in the oven is enough to make them drift into heaven and just be driven by that amazing smell.

We have been told by so many of our clients that our lasagne is one of the most authentic tasting pasta dishes that can be bought. This actually makes us so proud. We go to extreme lengths to maintain a natural slow cooked flavour, so we know we have hit the nail on the head when the positive feedback floods in.

We have provided lasagne for everyone in Melbourne. From international movie sets to customers that have taken the lasagne to New Zealand, claiming that they needed to spread the word.


Thank you for reading

Bruno Condello

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