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Group Parties

Menu $55







Local beers and wines

Awesome entertainment

One of the best value ways to celebrate

Private Parties

Menu $60





Coffee Espresso


Assorted quality beer and wines

Flexible room options

 Why pay more elsewhere?

Deluxe Events

Menu $95

Full menu options


Awesome drinks package

Entertainment options

Use of garden and gazebo

Celebrate in a way that reflects you

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An easier way to organise event catering

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Social Clubs

Menu $60

Super flexible menu

Value drinks packages

Modern Ballrooms

Heaps of parking

Awesome entertainment options

Simply the best value in town

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Online catering store

A Fresh Approach to Food //

Our goal was to offer Melbourne a super easy user friendly was to organise catering for events. The online catering store makes it easy to organise food for events. Simply choose what you need then pick the date and time and follow the online instructions. If you need help ordering please contact one of our team

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We Service all the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Imagine the best value and affordable parties and events in Melbourne.  Parties in Melbourne. Italian influenced menus and top service. Firenze Events is the one stop event store. If you are looking to have a party on a budget, speak to us and we can create a no obligation quote. Let us give you a party in the Northern suburbs that will be a success. The suburbs we service are Fawkner, Coburg, Glenroy, Mill Park, Reservoir, Preston, Melbourne CBD, Tullamarine , Camberfield , Thomastown, Epping, in fact all of the Melbourne Northern Suburbs.   

Party Pizza

Party Pizza 

Explore our Pizza menu 

We make long pizza for any kind of event


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Affordable celebrations

We offer Melbourne an easy way to organise events .

You will be amazed at how affordable an event at Firenze can be

Why pay more elsewere




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Lasagna my way

Lasagna   Everyone that has grown up in an Italian family has childhood memories of waiting for the lasanga to come out of the oven. Beautifully layered pasta with their families home cooked sauce and cheese. Some mums would place peas and meatballs while others...

Pork, Chicken or Beef?

So we were chatting in the kitchen the other day and we have all walks of life working at our Melbourne Feast Kitchens, from professional chefs that have worked at high end restaurants to mothers that have perfected pasta sauces and protected secret pasta sauce...

Pizza Sauce – cooked or raw?

So we were all having a chat the other day and one of the experienced lady helpers in the kitchen brought to our attention an interesting fact about pizza sauce. We have seen people get into serous verbal sessions about what is correct. Should you use a cooked tomato...

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